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The World Of Geisha [entries|friends|calendar]
Dai Ichi

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etsy [05 Aug 2009|11:22pm]

Buy Handmade
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A strange but somewhat urgent request... [03 Dec 2008|12:08am]

Hello everybody! I'm somewhat in a bind:

Does anyone have any Japanese traditional/Kabuki music to share?

My theatre studies class is performing soon and I had promised them a CD of it, only to be unable to find it once I got home.

Thanks in advance!
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White on White [07 Jun 2008|02:27pm]

There are Japanese belts - fukuro obi

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Chibi Geisha producst at my CafePress shop [06 May 2008|07:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello all!
I hope this isn't against the rules or anything, but I just made a CafePress shop with this cute icon-like chibi geisha I drew a while back:

bowing chibi geisha by ~supersushi-chan on deviantART

I thought you guys might like. :) 

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A few things on e-Bay [24 Jan 2008|05:48pm]

[ mood | giggly ]


Some kimono and obi to complete your collections, I still have to list my 2 katsura wigs and hikizuri and tsukesage - but that can be done tomorrow.  I'm going to bed now.  ^_^

Oh!  I just got a new hairstyle book with Maiko and Geiko inspired styles, I'll have to post a few pictures - it's all in Japanese, but it is all step by step too!

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Handmade red and white Kanzashi! For Sale! [16 Dec 2007|09:33am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Click the image for details.

Or click my Etsy Shop for more kanzashi! Or email me at hanatsukuri @ gmail.com (without the spaces) for custom orders.

Thank you!
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Kanzashi for sale on eBay [06 Oct 2007|09:13am]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

More kanzashi for sale at my hanatsukuri shop on etsy.

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Maiko [28 Sep 2007|09:25pm]


gallery of maiko
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Konichiwa! [16 Sep 2007|12:40pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm so excited! I don't know why I only recently joined this community. I have been in love with everything geisha for quite some time now. I think it's such a beautiful part of japanese culture. I just finished, "geisha, a life" by Mineko Iwasaki last night. And of course I've read 'memoirs' and that was also excellent. I'm just so enthralled with the "world of the willow" as they say. I'm very happy to be a part of this community. I plan on studying in Japan in the future. It might be a year or two before it actually becoming a serious plan, but it will happen. I also love japanese culture in general. It'd be so nice to have more friends with this same interest. So please feel free to add me. I'd love to get to know all of you!

So, I have a question, where can I get a shamisen? I looked on ebay to see if I could get one but no luck. I really want to learn to play. I didn't have very much luck on google either. Are shamisen expensive? Are there any good sites I can purchase one at a decent price? Along with a book on how to teach yourself the shamisen? Of course, I'm in San Diego so I'm sure if I tried hard enough, I'm sure I can find someone who gives lessons. i haven't tried looking to see if they sell shamisen here in San Diego but I'm limited on transportation so it'd be a lot of effort. and I don't know the place all that well yet. But since I'm lazy I'll start here. Internet has everything anyway. lol. ok well have a great day.

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Kanzashi for sale on eBay [08 Sep 2007|11:37am]


More kanzashi for sale on etsy.

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Kanzashi for sale on eBay [23 Aug 2007|03:51pm]

Kanzashi for sale on eBay!

Each of these kanzashi is handmade, of new materials. Click on the picture for details. :)

Or, view the kanzashi I've made on deviantArt or flickr.

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New Etsy Store [29 Jul 2007|06:29pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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[26 Jul 2007|02:12pm]

I just opened my own website selling japanese items such as jrock flyers, kimono, anime and japanese sweets. Go check it out. It's really cute :D I'll be updating it throughout the week!

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Geisha, maiko and others beauties [19 Jun 2007|09:41pm]

by Haruyo Morita

the gallery
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Landscapes on kimono [16 Jun 2007|09:50pm]

Waters and mountiens; mist

landscapes on kimono
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Uchikake [08 Jun 2007|11:31am]

bridal kimono uchikake.
With crane - simbol of long life

With landscapes
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Selling a few things... [26 Apr 2007|04:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

]-[i everyone!  I need to make some extra money for a verey special project I've set for myself this summer - Refurbishing two geisha katsura I own.  I went to Hannari-Ya to get the book & DVD on how to do hairstyles and I have some of the combs, tsubaki oil, and ties to do them with.  The only things I still need are a few combs and the hair wax.  In order to get the quick cash, I'm selling a few pieces of my collection that I've outgrown/don't wear anymore.  Please check under the cut for a pic-spam of kimono & things!

Kakitsubatako@Comcast.Net is my PayPal address (I'll also accept money orders and such) and here is my e-Bay buyers account for my feedback.  Shipping will be determined once I've got a serious buyer and shipping can be combined for a lower price!  Thank you!  Have a lovely day everyone!

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A questions for the community oka-san, aka The Mods. [24 Apr 2007|09:40pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I've read the community rules, but I'm still somewhat unclear if what I would like to do would be permitted.  I do not have an e-Bay sellers account, but I do have a PayPal account; is it permissible to sell one's <i>Karyukai</i> items without an e-Bay account and directly to the community members?  Thank you for any help you all are will to provide.

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Geisha [22 Apr 2007|11:12pm]

I have been drawing Geisha for awhile but only recently thought to post on a Geisha community. I have a page at Deviant art: http://khallion.deviantart.com/

Read more...Collapse )
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Futile Love maiko and samurai digital painting [05 Apr 2007|09:04pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I finally finished it!  My big, pretty digital painting I've been working on for a while.  I thought I'd share it here since alot of people post their geisha artwork. :)
This one, which I've named Futile Love, is of a young maiko and her samural love.  I made his sword red with raining cherry blossoms all around.  
I'm not keen on the samurai look, but I think I got the maiko good (except for no hair decor, but you know...).
I was thinking of doing some sort of futile love story comic with them (okay fine, I like InuYasha and I'm not original, but oh well).
Hope you like!

And here's a zoom in on the faces:

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