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Selling a few things...

]-[i everyone!  I need to make some extra money for a verey special project I've set for myself this summer - Refurbishing two geisha katsura I own.  I went to Hannari-Ya to get the book & DVD on how to do hairstyles and I have some of the combs, tsubaki oil, and ties to do them with.  The only things I still need are a few combs and the hair wax.  In order to get the quick cash, I'm selling a few pieces of my collection that I've outgrown/don't wear anymore.  Please check under the cut for a pic-spam of kimono & things!

Kakitsubatako@Comcast.Net is my PayPal address (I'll also accept money orders and such) and here is my e-Bay buyers account for my feedback.  Shipping will be determined once I've got a serious buyer and shipping can be combined for a lower price!  Thank you!  Have a lovely day everyone!

Wigs that need fixin'

Wig #1

Wig #2

Even though wig #2 looks to be in good condition it stinks something fierce - if fact, they both stink really, really bad.  I'm going to have to take them apart and soak them in vinegar water or something and then gently wash them.  Ick.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to have them!  For those of you interested, I'll be posting my progress over at my LiveJournal this summer!  Won't you all please buy something?  For the wigs?  @_@  ::wibbles::
If anyone things an item's price is outrageous, I'm more than willing to negotiate.

The kimono:

Kimono #1: Ikate Awase, Condition - Perfect, Material - Silk/Linen exterior, Poly lining., Measurements: Sleeve to Sleeve - 49.25 inches, length - 63.75 inches, sleeve length - 19.25 inches, shoulders - 22 inches.  Cost - $25.00.

Kimono #2: Bingata Awase, Condition - Very good (perfect lining, patina on collar and sleeves), Material - Silk exterior, ploy lining, Measurements: Sleeves to sleeve- 48.5 inches, sleeve length - 17.5 inches, total length - 61 inches, shoulders - 21.5 inches.  Cost $35.00.

Kimono #3: Ro Hitoe, Condition: Perfect, Material 100% silk, Measurements: Sleeve to sleeve - 49.25 inches, length - 60.5 inches, shoulders - 23.5 inches, sleeve length - 17.25 inches.  Cost $45.00.

The Obi:

Obi #1: Odori obi, Material - synthetic, Condition - Perfect, Measurements: length - 134 inches, width - 6 inches.  Cost $20.00.

Obi #2:  Nagoya hakata obi, Condition: Fair (lots of stains, I would wear it on the wrong side to hide the stains), Material - 100% silk, Measurements:  fat side:  length - 46 inches by 12.25 inches, skinny side - 6.25 inches by 220 inches.  Cost $10.00.

Obi #3:  Hakata hanhaba obi, Condition - Perfect, Material - 100% silk, Measurements: 5.25 inches by 116 inches.  Cost $25.00.

The purse/zori set:

Purse and zori are silk brocade, condition - near perfect (slight wear on the soles of the zori, purse is perfect) in original box, zori measurements: length - 8 inches, width - 2.5 inches, height - 1.75 inches.  The purse is 2 inches wide by 6.5 inches in length with 6 inches of depth.  Cost $40.00.

Thanks again for looking!
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